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The.Ultimate.Fake.ID.Guide.2010.Version.8 31



. Ultimate Fake ID Guide 2010 V1 [REPACK]. Stellar Nebula,.  . The Ultimate Fake ID Guide - Ultimate Fake ID Guide 2010 -. New UFO images of 'Dark Star' alien space craft -. Thing in the Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. I am a witness to the greatest miracle I have ever witnessed...Watch This Huge UFO Fly Over The Shuttle. . The second film is a spoof of Back to the Future and a tribute to the production company, including a spoof of the words "Back to the Future" .Q: Terminology: 'to manipulate' or 'to control'? I was reading a question on this site where I noticed the following tag: manipulate I'm not sure that it's used correctly as it doesn't seem to convey the idea of control or influence over a situation. I would've written something like this: control Could I say that "manipulate" means "control" by substitution of the terminal "to"? So that "the wind is powerful" might be written as "The wind is strong" by using "manipulate" in the place of "control". Would that make sense? EDIT: This question is looking for whether the expression "to manipulate" can be used to mean "to control" by means of substitution. A: It's a reasonable suggestion, but the real answer is that "manipulate" and "control" are not entirely interchangeable. "Control" has the connotation that the thing being controlled is a passive object. "Manipulate" has the connotation that the thing being manipulated is an active one. The active-passive metaphor is one of the most useful words in the English language. People who speak the language do not make mistakes about who is doing what to whom in a particular sentence; the passive is assumed to be the object being controlled by the active. A: Manipulate, as a verb, means to use skillfully, or to move (usually to an intermediate position) or to manage (usually skillfully). It doesn't imply any control over anything. It implies skill, perhaps, but not necessarily control. Control, as a verb, has many meanings and connotations. It is not often used in the



The.Ultimate.Fake.ID.Guide.2010.Version.8 31

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