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Skin Script - Naturally Corrective Skincare 

Promote a healthy complexion with all natural, fruit based skincare from Skin Script. Skin Script is vegan and gluten-free friendly. Skincare samples are available for $8. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your skincare needs! All facials and vajacials are performed with Skin Script skincare products.


Moroccan Black Soap Exfoliating Kit


THE TRAVELING WAXER is committed to providing quality products and services to its wide range of consumers. Moroccan Black Soap is a paste that softens dead skin which helps the (Kessa) glove to exfoliate and remove the dead skin from the body. You will literally see the dead skin roll off the body to reveal moisturized smooth skin, which gives a glow. Schedule your next appointment and take home a Moroccan Black Soap Exfoliating Kit ($20) to experience the magic today! Kit includes: 4oz jar of Moroccan Black Soap, Kessa Glove, and Mini Pouf.


PFB Vanish


PFB Vanish helps to prevent and reduce ingrown hairs and helps to lessen hyperpigmentation on the face and body. Simply apply the product (on clean skin) up to 2 times a day to the desired area and massage until dry. Results may take up to 6-8 weeks. Inquire about this product at your next appointment!